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This extraordinary seesaw makes you moving! You can play on it in any conceivable way.

5 years plus
concrete C20/25 L x W x H: 600 x 400 x 600 mm, 2 pieces, 3.500 psi please refer to your local dealer
L x W x H: 5.400 x 3.600 x 3.500 mm
L x W x H: 2.300 x 1.100 x 700 mm
1.200 mm
stainless steel, rubber
blue rubber
110 kg, L x W x H: 1,90 x 0,40 x 1,90 m
last update: 12.04.2019


 AT_Welle_2018-12-060.12 MB
 3D drawing0.2 MB
 installation instructions0.07 MB
 picture0.35 MB
 catalog page1.54 MB
 minimum space drawing0.25 MB
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