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standard colours

for lacquered steel parts only

RAL_1028 RAL 1028 melon yellow RAL_1018 RAL 1018 zinc yellow
RAL_3002 RAL 3002 carmine red RAL_6018 RAL 6018 yellow green
RAL_5015 RAL 5015 sky blue RAL_5005 RAL 5005 signal blue
RAL_9006 RAL 9006 white aluminium RAL_3013 RAL 3013 tomato red
RAL_6024 RAL 6024 traffic green RAL_4006 RAL 4006 traffic purple

rubber coating

not available for all parts, please refer to product sheet

EPDM_Himmelblau sky blue EPDM_Maigruen may green EPDM_Rose rose
EPDM_Resedagruen reseda green EPDM_Capriblau capri Blue EPDM_Lichtgrau light grey
EPDM_Erdgelb earth yellow EPDM_Gelb yellow EPDM_Pastellblau teal
EPDM_Violett purple EPDM_Orange orange EPDM_Schwarz black


colours for Planetarium

EPDM_Maigruen-23 EPDM_Lichtblau EPDM_Erikaviolett EPDM_Zitronengelb EPDM_Hellorange
may green light blue heather violet lemon yellow bright orange
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