The language was changed.


Big and small on one seesaw? A Newtonian challenge that we mastered easily! There is a bowl behind the seating of our Libra, which can be filled with counterweight: sand, toys, the little sister or Granny’s wholesomely cooked food. With a little bit of imagination, you might unhinge the world!

3 years plus
concrete C20/25 L x W x H: 900 x 600 x 600 mm 3.500 psi please refer to your local dealer
L x W x H: 6.000 x 2.550 x 3.000 mm
LxWxH: 4.000 x 540 x 650 mm
900 mm
galvanized & lacquered steel, plastic seating
zinc yellow & carmine red
190 kg, L x W x H: 4,20 x 0,80 x 1,10 m


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