You can´t beat the Original!


This is the slogan with which we like to the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Since more than 25 years Linie M – Metall Form Farbe – GmbH is manufacturing state-of-the-art playground equipment made from stainless steel and steel. Nearly just as long we have been manufacturing the worldwide known products of conlastic, Germany.

This long-term partnership regrettable found its unexpected end with the insolvency of conlastic mid of March 2016.

Far away from stucking our heads into sand we successfully have striven for the exclusive rights valid in law for nearly all former conlastic playground items. These items which have been sold under the good name of conlastic now are only manufactured and sold by Line M – Metall Form Farbe – GmbH.

As Linie M has been already the manufacturer of the products in question at the end of the day nothing will change – You can´t beat the Original !

Together with our distribution partners and sales representatives worldwide we would be very appreciated to be the supplier of your choice if it comes to state-of-the-art playground equipment.

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